Sunday, February 28, 2016

After a wonderful nine months with DORA, we set sail with her back over the mountain pass to deliver her to Klondike Corner where she would spend four days assisting with the preparation of the Coast to Coast multi-discipline marathon event.  From the West Coast beach at Kumara through the mountains, across rivers and long inland roads to the East Coast beach at Brighton.  In these technological times, competitors have a micro chip somewhere in their kit, cameras placed along the route capture the images as the runners pass through.  All the information is beamed back to a central point at Klondike where organisers and supporters can watch it all unfold on big screens - and in DORA this year.  DORA was used as a Comms vehicle, to support the management teams, health and safety and to provide an office space for the organisers to work.  We were very proud.....comparing her to a similarly set up facility 'the Canterbury SAR vehicle', one organiser said that having experienced both he found DORA to be a lot more reliable, easier to use and far more practical. 
The best news was, that we would not be venturing over to pick her up from her work and take her through to Christchurch - we'd take her back to the West Coast to finish off the first Term and we'd await further instructions about her new location after that

Dora is still here on the West Coast, part of the West Coast team!

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