Sunday, February 28, 2016

WestREAP and the Computers in Homes team were sad to hear of the fire that devastated Westland High School on the 7th February.  Only days after the school reopened for the year, we feel for staff and students who were looking forward to their year and happy to return to school after a brilliant summer holiday.  Hats off to the staff and Board of the school, the Principal; Trevor Jones.  The way they've kept themselves moving forward, lead the community and the families through a solutions focused journey every day since the fire.  Everyone has worked hard to maintain classes and keep the students together while at the same time clean up and plan the rebuild.  It's a huge task and the whole community is behind them.

We can help;
  • Staff have the use of our computer suite and other quiet spaces in WestREAP to work on their technology based classes and online learning programmes for the students who are working from home.   
  • Students are able to use our spaces for study
  • DORA is parked at the Boys Brigade Hall where she provides internet for the Middle School group using the multiple spaces there.  Teachers are using her for a break-out room to deliver workshops, research and study options for smaller groups in their classes. 
We are walking with you Westland High School.  For parents and whanau of Westland High, come and see us to learn about what the students are doing through online learning and see how you can get involved.

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