Sunday, February 28, 2016

Classes at Hokitika have started with the beginning of the first school term.  The learning suite has had a bit of a change around.  We now have a central table near the open windows - great in this blazing heat! It's also good for a classroom dynamic - people don't have their backs to each other, they can share ideas and activity together and it's easier for the tutor to get the space to offer practical support. 
We now have a pod of laptop computers, or people can bring their own, and if you really want to - there are desktop computers along one wall - so we can cater for multiple basic computing functions.
Our Tuesday morning class is full - we have a waiting list for evening classes, we would prefer a confirmed group of 6 to start evening classes.

We are moving toward an overflow - we can look at beginning a second class on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, and we're seeking out those Computers in Homes families - if you know anyone on the Coast who has young children and doesn't have a computer that all the family can use at home - please give them our contact details; phone us at 03 755 8700.  That's what we're here for!

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