Sunday, February 28, 2016

Computers in Homes has a new programme based at Tuhuru Marae.  A class of 6 students beginning with Kaumatua are learning basic computing each Wednesday afternoon.  We're using our laptop pod and our own wifi hotspots to support the class and DORA also drops in to mix things up a little.

Mana whenua has had a busy couple of weeks, welcoming the Governor General and his wife to the West Coast, Waitangi Day preparations and moving around the motu to share the celebrations and events of whanauna in other communities.  We realise that it's difficult for people to drop everything else and come to class on a given time each week and we appreciate the welcome we receive and the commitment people are making to come as often as they can.  We're happy to be there in our space each week and we're happy when people take advantage of that. The next step is to engage the whanau and tamariki as we work with the school and community to raise the masts that will enable whanau in the Arahura and Awatuna communities to get access to good affordable wifi! 

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